The Dirty Projectors- Stillness Is The Move
My Opinion

I thought NBA 2k13 was a good game, but it was much more than that. It was the beautiful match maker that brought me “Stillness is the Move” by the Dirty Projectors. I have no clue what the song is talking about, (I’ve been theorizing) but its incredibly catchy. The song is off of the Dirty Projectors 2009 album, “Bitte Orca” and its hard to understand why it isn’t the most popular song in the world. The indie feel of the song, coupled with lines like “on top of every mountain/there was a great longing/for another even higher mountain/in each city longing for a bigger city,” make you confused. If that wasn’t mind spinning enough, the music itself is a sample of WWF wrestler Scott Hall’s theme song. In all, its tough to not have this song on repeat, even despite its nonsensical and peculiar basis.

“When the child was just a child/it did not know what it was”